Provide academic training camps for primary hospitals
FUWAI Hospital. CAMS&PUMC (hereinafter referred to as Fuwai Hospital) is a national Third-level Grade-A hospital for cardiovascular disease, as well as the National Cardiovascular Disease Center, the national key laboratory for cardiovascular disease, and the national clinical research center of cardiovascular disease. It owns a good reputation at home and abroad for its diagnosis and treatment on all kinds of complicated, difficult and severe cardiovascular diseases. It has become the world's largest cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment center and a national medical research and education center integrating medical treatment, scientific research, prevention and talent training.
Expert Guidance
  • Number of people:1 person
  • Time:2-3 days/time
  • Contents:Visiting,educating
  • Objective:Improve the popularity of grassroots doctors in local hospitals above county level。
  • Number of people: 5-7 persons
  • Time: 3-5 days
  • Contents: Training camp built with heart failure center
  • Characteristic: More interaction, less preaching
  • Objective: Improve the professional ability and self-identity of grassroots doctors
Online communication
  • Experts select a theme, write a lesson plan around the theme, and the marketing department writes a course announcement.
  • Sales recommend customers to attend lectures, collect relevant cases and participate in discussions.
  • 30-45 minutes of expert lectures, 20-30 minutes of discussion and answering questions, and the discussion materials are the cases collected from sales.
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