Time magazine couldn't bear it anymore, and sent the most shocking cover!

latest update:2020-10-09


Trump is on the cover of Time magazine again. Although there is no his name, in my opinion, it should be the most shocking cover of Time magazine.


Time cannot bear that.


The cover is very simple, black and red, but it is shocking.


The White House is still the same, but there are four chimneys on the top of the White House, which are constantly spewing out viruses, dense and horrible, covering almost the whole page and even devouring the four letters of English "TIME".


Please note that it is the White House that is spraying the poison.


The title of Time magazine is: "Patient zero" and outbreaks in the White House.


"Patient zero", needless to say, is the President Trump.


In the cover article, there is a paragraph written like this:


When the president sneezes, America catches a cold. When the president is diagnosed, the United States must also consider its vulnerability. His sickness is our sickness. Trump, like the virus, disturbed our sense of national identity, and its influence will continue after November 3rd. What impact has it done to us in the past four years? What kind of the recovery do we need? Will we feel inferior because of weakness, or will we fall into a dangerous state of denial?


It is full of doubts.




The article reveals some interesting details:


Trump grimaced when he saw an aide wearing a mask. He would say he could not hear or understand officials wearing masks when they spoke. When Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger told his colleagues that he was wearing a mask to protect a family member with respiratory problems, he was told that "you were scaring people" and should stop doing it around the president.


And then, the next thing we know was ironic.


Trump was confirmed, and not just by himself. More than a dozen guests at White House events were confirmed, including two Republican senators, senior White House officials, and a Coast Guard admiral...


In the western countries, the United States is probably the only one.

Therefore, the cover article of Time ends with a lament:


There are now more cases linked to the White House than that reported in New Zealand in the past week...According to a separate study by Cornell and Harvard universities, Trump himself is the biggest source of fake news about the election and COVID-19. He is our country's super spreader: Lies, fears, division, fooling around.


But for Trump, the science is just another lie from a biased dark power, and another loser who has been bullied into submission. He could have done the responsible thing, but his ideology was power. It is too early to say for sure about Trump's presidency, but one day we may look back and see it as his ultimate weakness.


That's tough!


That's what Time said, not what I said.


But this is not the first time of Time to comment like that.


Just last month, Time also released a very shocking cover image.

It's also very simple, and there was no Trump, but it's all black!

The red frame is the symbol of the cover of Time, but there have been two black frames in history, the last frame was presented after the attacks of September 11 in 2001. 19 years later, the black frame appeared again.


Looking closely at the cover, it is a collection of death figures:


On February 29 2020, one case died;

On March 1, 0 deaths;


On March 2, 5 deaths;


On April 14, 2455 deaths;

On April 15, 2609 deaths;

On April 16, 2176 deaths;


On September 8, 445 deaths.


Every day's death toll finally summarized into a shocking huge number: 200000


The only red letters on the cover were these three words with capital letters: AN AMERICAN FAILURE!


Such a cover made people feel very depressed, and it was full of dense despair.


But the reality was much more cruel.


Another month has passed and there are now more than 210,000 cases died in the United States. According to Dr. Fauci's prediction, there could be another 200,000 cases that may be died.


What a human tragedy this is!


It cannot be said that the American media did not issue warnings. In May this year, Time published an important story on its cover: There is a right way to reopen America. This isn’t it!


Not which one?


In the corner of the cover, it should be Trump, who is wearing a mask, but the mask is under his mouth.


Looking carefully, there is no nose.


It seemed that he didn't need a n

Such an insightful and profound cover brought us rethinking and helplessness.


How can it be to Americans?


Finally, three simple sentences:


1. Trump is indeed a magical existence in American politics. Don't forget, after he was elected president in 2016, the cover of Time magazine at the end of the year was: President of the Divided State of America. Please note that it is not "United States", but "Divided States", which has a profound meaning. But now it seems that it is more or less prophetic.


2. Americans should also be rethinking. One of the most powerful empires in the world, the United States, which has been the envy of countless people, has suffered such a tragic death in the 21st century, and ranked the world's number one, really making people speechless. Time laments that among all the developed countries, only the United States is out of control.


3. This is really a big test. Once again, thunderbolt means can really save people from the great epidemic at the critical moment, which is really an act of kindness. If you don't respect science, you must pay a painful price.  If you bring the shame on others, a lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. No country, no matter how powerful it is, can afford such toss. So much so that Time could not bear any more and used the most shocking cover: the White House is spraying poison.


Alas, what a world it is!


Toss it, just toss it!


The article is quoted from Huanqiu.com