about us
Focus on the R&D, production, sales and service relates to IVD reagents and medical devices in the health and medical field.

DKR Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of health care, with the R&D, production  and sales of IVD reagents and medical devices as its main businesses and providing related technical services. Based on the vision of serving the society and making life healthier, DKR is committed to developing world-leading IVD reagents and related technologies, providing safer and more accurate biological and medical rapid diagnostic products with higher quality of professional services, providing innovative personalized precise diagnosis and treatment solutions for different diseases, and applying the latest life science research to the field of clinical diagnosis.

        The company regards the R&D of relevant leading technologies as the engine for the healthy development of the enterprise. It is equipped with a well-equipped R&D laboratory, a clean workshop that meets the corresponding national standards, and a R&D team composed of the experts in related fields. The company has won the qualifications of "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise" and "Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprise". It owns independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in the field of in vitro medical diagnosis, and has established extensive scientific research and strategic partnership with many famous universities, research institutes and laboratories around the world.

        The company had built colloidal gold and fluorescent immunochromatography technology platforms, and made a product strategy that focuses on the elder group's CCVd detection and children's growth and development indicators detection. It has formed POCT product series covering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, children's growth, inflammation detection, health examination, and healthy birth and breeding, which can be widely used in professional places such as hospital emergency, polyclinic, intensive care units, inspection centers, primary care and medical institutions as well as a home environment for self-testing and health management. At the same time, the company is further expanding its IVD product line, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers comprehensively.

DKR established
GMP certification
Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certification
Registered maternal and child products on NMPA
Nine products registration certificates approved
1500m² Purification workshop
Perfect facilities and production capacity
Promotion capacity
Sales team covers major cities in China
More than 30 cooperative distributors
Products cover more than 100 key hospitals
Registration ability
Perfect registration team
Rich registration experience
9-12 months to complete the second type of registration registration cycle is better than
Market average 30%
Academic resources
The company hires chief scientific adviser
A scientific working group composed of 5 academic experts guides research and development, covering well-known experts in the fields of cardiovascular, liver disease, and severe respiratory diseases.
Long-term cooperation with Chinese Medical Association
Mr. Zhang Xianqiang
General manager of listed company, shareholder and investor of many enterprises. Whose invest scope covers medical care, real estate, petroleum equipment, energy and chemical industry, financial investment, and etc.
Mr. Tao Zhaohui
He graduated from the West China Center of Medical Sciences and received an EMBA from China Europe International Business School. He once served as a part-time professor in Hainan Medical University and served as an executive in China for a multinational
Ms. Wang Qin
Graduated from clinical science major of Chongqing Medical University, EMBA of the Open University of Hong Kong, served as regional manager of hospital/business/channel distribution in multinational enterprises and national project operation for more than
Ms. Yan Yong
Double bachelor's degree in French and law, MBA,with more than 20 years of senior management experience in pharmaceutical enterprises. Now she is a partner of a foreign consulting firm, and can speak both French and English
Mr. Xiang Rong
He was graduated from Chongqing Medical University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She was an associate professor of Immunology Department of Scripps Institute. He is now the president of Medical School of Nankai University. Her research direction is
Mr. Zhang Shiyang
Master of biochemistry and molecular biology, senior marketing and sales manager of IVD industry, with over 16 years of complete experience in IVD industry (R&D, production, marketing, sales)